THE JUNTA aka DJ MONTY (94.4FM Salford City Radio) aka John E Montague was born in Salford,Greater Manchester,England.


"It's always been a childhood ambition of mine to make an electronic album. When I was at college,the synths at the time might as well been made by ROLLS ROYCE,they were out of my price range! So I took up bass instead!


THE JUNTA is my love letter to everything that got me into music in the first place....FOXX,NUMAN,


LEAGUE,CABARET VOLTAIRE...the list is endless."


THE JUNTA also plays bass with KIT B and POSITRONIK...

"Ha! Well you would think one band was enough,wouldn't you? It was just a case,when one band was dormant,I would lend a hand in a mate's band.But i love both bands equally,and for different

reasons. I am still gigging with KIT B currently.

It's quite strange with THE JUNTA though,something quite liberating about organising how it should look and sound,it's full autonomy!"


What next for THE JUNTA?

Just third album J3 featuring the single TECH NOIR. Out as an 11 track digital download, and a limited edition 12 track Digipak CD.

Also available TECH NOIR - The Remixes EP featuring remixes from The Junta, Night Operations, Space Museum and Positronik.

Also if you subscribe to German Shepherd Records, not only will you get access to the year's releases on the label, but also special subscriber only releases...including THE JUNTA - Live at AATMA, Manchester (recorded in Feb 2020) ...and THE JUNTA - Live At The Crescent,Salford 2014 (my 2nd ever live performance!).