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The new album J3 out now!!

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How are you folks? Hope you're all coping through all this.
Been keeping busy these last few months...
Been working on a new e.p. which I hope to complete by Autumn. Plus I've done remixes for LIZARD BRAIN, JED,and INFERIOR COMPLEX (watch this space). JED's "Fat Bottom Bass" (The Junta's Bell Bottom mix) is now available to purchase from STORE Page.
Also about to work on some new tunes with POSITRONIK..

Big deal at the moment is that me and Jeff from Positronik have been asked to provide live keys for Manchester supergroup SAN PEDRO COLLECTIVE featuring Rikki Turner (Paris Angels/The Hurt) and "Funky Si" Wolstencroft (The Fall/Ian Brown band).So we're going to be doing several gigs together including MACCLESFIELD IN MAY 2022 (PARTY IN THE PEWS).

For everyone who was looking to watch me perform at FAC 251 on Sat 27th NOV, I must apologise....I had to pull out because I'd got COVID. Gutted..
At least I've produced a couple of new tunes over the last few days though...


Tech  Noir  (space museum mix)