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The new album J3 out now!!

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J3 front sleeve.jpg
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New releases now available to purchase.....

TECH NOIR -The Remixes e.p. of the current single "Tech Noir", featuring remixes from The Junta, Night Operations, Space Museum and Positronik!

Also available...The third Junta album "J3" released as both an 11 track digital download, and a limited edition digipak CD featuring a bonus remix.

GERMAN SHEPHERD RECORDS are currently doing a special offer on the last 13 releases on the label (excluding I'M DERANGED,WILD IS THE WIND, charity album tracks or subscriber specials). Buy the last 13 releases including J3 & TECH NOIR Remixes...and get 35% discount!!

German Shepherd Records have now made available TWO live Junta performances as "Pay-What-You-Want" digital downloads. The second ever gig in 2014 at the now defunct CRESCENT Pub in Salford, and last February's performance at AATMA in Manchester.

Also available from STORE PAGE, the new remix ep from Argentinian-Greek duo GLASNOST featuring Half (The Junta's Game Of Two Halves mix)

Tech  Noir  (space museum mix)