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Well 2021 may have been a quiet year for The Junta....apart from playing keyboards for Manchester supergroup SAN PEDRO COLLECTIVE. But 2022 sees the release of a new single/remix ep collaboration with Fylde's finest JED. Featuring remixes from The Junta, Jed , Passage Of Time, and Chris Bentley.The e.p. can be purchased on this link.

Also available now...the long awaited 4th album, entitled MOONBASE ALPHA. Can't wait to share this new album with you...think this is my best yet.

Also this year, expect 2 Junta remixes for LIZARD BRAIN's "IF OUR EYES WERE BLUE", and INFERIOR COMPLEX's "BELIEVE IN ME".....

Eighth Day Magazine

THE JUNTA did an interview with Bob Osborne for EIGHT DAY MAGAZINE which is still available as either E-MAG or a physical copy. 

Available to purchase on the MERCHANDISE Page